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Our French courses for adults

With our combined French courses for adults, we offer the innovative didactic approach of teaching by project. In small groups of up to 8 students, you learn and apply the French language with tailor-made courses and practical placements

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French and deer rut

Our insider tip: Auvergne in autumn. The connoisseurs of the region can enjoy a very special natural spectacle in autumn, a colour explosion around Blesle.
This autumn we propose you as a special offer to explore Blesle and the Auvergne outside the tourist season: colourful forests, mild temperatures accompanied by the roaring of the deer.
On the program are 2 hours of French lessons per day (morning or afternoon depending on the level), hikes through the colourful oak forests and over the high plateaus as well as, for early risers, the opportunity to hear and observe the deer in the rut. 

  • 7-13 days
  • 10 h lessons per week
  • 1 halfday hike and 1 excursion to observe the deer per week

Datum: Between the  26. September and the 18. October 2020 from Saturday to Saturday.

Level: all language levels possible from beginner to advances

Price: 300 € / 271 £ per week


French and Foraging course

The perfect combination of wellness, learning French, and hikes to pick and cook items found through foraging in the local countryside. Discover the rich flora of Blesle at 3 half-day workshops with the botanist Camille. At each of the varied workshops, you will learn all about the wild herbs and plants of the region, their curative effects and their uses. During the ensuing cooking course, you and Camille will combine culinary delights with the collected foraged finds.

  • 13 days
  • 30 lessons, 1 joint final project
  • 3 halfdays excursions foraging and subsequent cooking

The language courses and cooking events take place in Volcan des Sens, which has a special offer for our clients. We recommend booking your accommodation with Volcan des Sens or Margaridou.


Dates: 14.-27. June 2020

Level: minimum A2 (intermediate)





French and Art

See, sketch, paint: from drawing to ink wash painting

Take in the atmosphere of Blesle: the old stones, the warmth, the air.

Explore Blesle’s streets and translate it onto paper by learning the china ink wash technique taught by the artist Isabelle Marcelin, who will lead you in six 4-hour workshops:

We will learn to use our inner eye to see differently and translate that onto paper in our drawings.

We will go out into the woods and fields to see, find, collect and sketch.
We will discover the ink wash technique.

We will hold an exhibition of our artistic endeavours.


The French course and the art workshop are designed in close cooperation, you will experience the art of French in a unique way.


  • 13 days
  • 30 lessons
  • 6 art workshops at 4 hours with Isabelle Marcelin teaching the ink wash method
  • 1 final exhibition

Dates: 28. June till 11. July 2020

Level: min B1





French and music festival

In summer, Blesle and its surroundings turn into a cultural hotspot. We offer you a language stay, where you will find culinary and musical delights. The first week will allow you to discover the culinary world of the Auvergne in lively markets.


The second week is dedicated to the music festival in Blesle, Les Apéros musique. The festival has more than 30 concerts, with 15,000 visitors over 3 days in the heart of Blesle, and offers you the ideal opportunity to practice your French skills.

We offer you the opportunity to become part of the festival as a volunteer: cooking for the team and the musicians, serving at the bar, and partaking in the decoration and construction. There are so many ways to take part in the festival, and working in a French team ensures that you will improve your language skills faster than you can imagine.

  • 14 days
  • 30 lessons
  • 2 visits of night markets, 1 tasting
  • participation at the music festival


Dates: 2. - 16. August 2020

Level: minimum A2


2 weeks french course

500 € / 431 £


3 Workshops with wild flowers

100 € / 86 £

Total French and wild flowers

600 € / 517£

6 Art workshops

400 € / 345 £

Total French and Art

900 € / 776 £

markets and tasting of local products

100 € / 86 £

Total French and festival

 600 € / 517 £


* Prices without accommodation and transports